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Academic rigour and practical application

Meta-Coaching is the highest evolutionary state of two disciplines: Cognitive Behavioural Science and Master Coaching. Meta-Coach™ Training, therefore, has both academic/intellectual integrity, and practical coaching and business applications.

You will learn:

Comprehensive, competency-based training

You’ll undertake between 180 - 510 hours of coaching- specific training. Other coach training courses average 50 – 100 hours. The internationally recognised Meta - Coaching qualifications are stringently assessed and tested on an ongoing basis.

Modular training that’s fast and flexible

Meta-Coach™ Training is the most advanced in the world. A modular structure allows you to process through units or levels of accreditation right up to the level of Master Meta-Coach™ Certification at a pace that suits you. It allows you to complete modules of training that are immediately relevant to your life and / or business – then build on your qualifications as your confidence, experience and business develop.

Learn from Master Coaches

You will learn from and replicate the success of four Master Coaches who have reached the pinnacle of their profession. You’ll learn from and have the support of Expert Coaches who specialise in the fields of Executive, Personal, Organisational (Group) and Self Coaching.

Ongoing support and development

A ‘buddy’ system, group mentoring, benchmarking tools for self-assessment and access to expert coaches throughout and beyond the training ensure you are supported to excel. You’ll join an international community of highly successful, highly creative people. You’ll have access to ongoing releases of the latest research and development.

Take what you need for your life

While full Master Meta-Coach™ certification is not for everyone, you can build invaluable results-focused coaching skills by completing just Modules 1 and 2.

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